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What is Conect+EDU?

The Conect+EDU system is an educational management ERP that intuitively promotes the integration of all stakeholders involved in the academic process, including: management, instructors, students, staff, parents, the Ministry of Education, and large educational networks.

With Conect+EDU, it is possible to identify, through indicators and graphs, the performance of students and the educational institution.

It's productive school management.

Imagem de um celular executando o aplicativo Conect+EDU.
Ilustração abstrata de conexão entre família, ConectEdu e escola.
Um computador rodando o sistema do Conect+EDU e um celular rodando o aplicativo do aluno do Conect+EDU.

How it Works?

Passo a passo do funcionamento do Conect+EDU


Educational Game

One of the great differentiators of Conect+EDU. Create challenges for classes with questions relevant to the level and check the overall difficulty through game statistics. Conect+EDU's Quiz also enables a new format of fun and engaging assessment!
Imagens da tela do Quiz no aplicativo do aluno do Conect+EDU.
O acompanhamento do ônibus escolar através do aplicativo.

School Transportation Monitoring

Know in real-time where your child's school bus is, which routes and stops it makes, and the estimated arrival time. Additionally, receive a notification on your phone when your child is present in the classroom.

Manage everything

Set up your school entirely, add teachers, students, and staff with just a few clicks, and take advantage of the best in school management.
Wizard no sistema do Conect+EDU da primeira configuração.
Exemplo das estatísticas oferecidas no sistema web.

Statistical data

Easily view everything that happens in your educational institution or school network and achieve the best management possible.



Instructors can record attendance in a single click - parents and administrators can track who attends or misses classes.


Teachers can plan assessments for classes and make their content available for students to study before the deadline.


After an assessment, teachers can enter grades with the same ease as taking attendance: in seconds!


Both instructors and the pedagogical team can create challenges for classes. Questions can be from our database or custom-made.

Daily Lesson Plan

Daily lesson plans are available for everyone to view: students, parents, the pedagogical team, and other teachers.

Bullying Report

The bullying report is a discreet system where students can report mistreatment of themselves or their peers. Notifications go to the administration.

Bus Tracking

If your institution or school network has buses, parents can track their children in real-time through the app.

Real-Time Notifications

Parents receive notifications when their children attend or miss classes. Teachers and students receive reminder notifications.


All school information, student data, parents, teachers, staff, and pedagogues in one place, just a click away.


Get a complete overview of everything happening through graphs and significantly improve your management in a more precise way.


Generate reports on everything that happens, including lists of students, teachers, staff, attendance, grades, lesson plans, and much more.


Does your school have a specific teaching method? Only use red for official administration communications? Customize it.

Made for Everyone



Allow students to know the upcoming classes and bring the right material for the day, or study in advance for a test without missing the deadline.



Parents can monitor their children's progress, including grades, attendance, behavior, and even the location of their school bus..



Grade recording and attendance can now be done in two clicks. Instructors can also organize all their classes through the system and provide study materials for students.



Conect+EDU can easily be integrated into a network of schools. Its adaptable technology allows multiple institutions, even with different settings, to communicate their data.

Rede de ensino

Education Network

On a larger scale, Conect+EDU is also an excellent tool. Through statistics, quickly visualize the overall plan of an education network and significantly improve educational quality or reduce costs, for example.

Equipe pedagógica

Pedagogical Team

The pedagogical team can provide instructors with plans for each subject and see what each teacher has been teaching.

Public or Private?

The Conect+EDU system has been designed to meet the needs of both public and private schools, regardless of the number of students or staff. Its excellence in school management caters to small institutions, large schools, and educational networks, and it is currently used in schools in Brazil and Portugal.

Bandeira brasileira Bandeira portuguesa

What Are the Benefits?


Reduction in School Dropout

Conect+EDU is recognized as a tool capable of identifying students with low attendance and its causes.


Efficient Teacher Time Management and Daily Planning

Optimize teachers' time by planning pedagogical activities in advance.


Cost Reduction

Organize the entire school in a single centralized and communicative system, reducing paper and printing costs.


Management of Multiple Schools

The system can cover more than one school, even if they have different configurations.


White-Label Solution

Have an app for your school with a customized name and colors, according to the educational institution.


CBIE 2016 Certificado CBIE 2016

Content Base

Conect+EDU allows students and instructors to enjoy pedagogical content that exists in our database and is accessible to all schools. There are various types of media and texts, such as:


Video Lessons

Hundreds of courses for professional development and school reinforcement.
Aulas Interativas

Interactive Classes

Over a thousand classes at your disposal, from early childhood education to high school.
Objetos Digitais de Aprendizagem

Digital Learning Objects (DLOs)

Digital Learning Objects are resources that support pedagogical practice.

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